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Thicket - Spaceout Lightyear Torch Lighter - White

Thicket - Spaceout Lightyear Torch Lighter - White

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Blast off to above and beyond with the Spaceout Lighteryear torch by Thicket. This alien blaster shoots fiery beams that will heat up your banger in no time.


Besides just looking cool, the Spaceout Lightyear torch has some useful features. It comes with a neat stand in the shape of a spaceship, giving you a secure (and cool) spot to store your torch lighter when not in use. A dial in the back allows you to adjust the flame intensity to your liking. Once that is set, you can use the ignition hold to keep the flame blasting without needing to hold the trigger. When you are all done, enable the safety lock to ensure no accidental activation.


The Spaceout Lightyear torch lighter is wind-resistant, making it perfect for any outdoor sessions. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip as you blast out the heavy heat-resistant stainless steel tip.



- Spaceship Stand

- Adjustable Flame Dial

- Safety Lock

- Ignition Hold

- Wind-Resistant Flame

- Ergonomic Grip

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