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The Cleaner | Omerta Smell-Proof Bag

The Cleaner | Omerta Smell-Proof Bag

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There is no secret here: this is the greatest bag on the market and 100% smell proof. This very large duffle bag, The Cleaner or what we like to call it “the 10-pound bag” has our revolutionary locking system, making no two bags keyed alike. Coupled with our smell proof zipper and treated smell-proof carbon lining, travel confidently and confidentially on all your adventures. The smell-proof Cleaner is now in water resistant Black, Camo, & Green.

Reactivating the carbon lining is easy: simply toss your bag in the dryer on low heat for 10 minutes and you're good as new.

Omerta means the "code of silence", so rest assured your secrets are safe here. With dual smell-proof zippers, the Cleaner features a built-in key lock on that outer zipper and the option to add a padlock to the inner zipper pulls.

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