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King Palm

King Palm - Mini Leaf Tubes (25-Pack) | Strawberry Banana

King Palm - Mini Leaf Tubes (25-Pack) | Strawberry Banana

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King Palm - Mini (25-Pack) | Strawberry Banana

Discover the natural bliss of King Palm’s newest creation – the 25 Mini Rolls with delightful Strawberry Banana flavored filter tips. Squeeze to pop the flavor capsule inside and experience a symphony of natural flavors with each puff.


  • 25 Mini Rolls with Strawberry Banana flavored filter tips
  • Hand-rolled blunt cones made from the finest natural cordia leaves
  • All-natural corn husk filter tips with a hidden flavor capsule
  • Tested for quality to ensure purity, free from heavy metals and pesticides
  • Fits approximately one gram of legal cannabis on average
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