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Glass Alchemy - Amazon Night

Glass Alchemy - Amazon Night

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Glass Alchemy - Amazon Night


The year was 2001 and it was Henry's birthday. He had never given himself a birthday present so he figured it was time to change that. Four days later on October the 9th Amazon Night was born. His baby is a beautiful green with silver that produces amazing strikes and silver lusters. This color is also our prefered method for testing for a neutral flame. Also available in frit, this color is a must have for every studio!


Flame or kiln strike at 1075°F.  Work neutral; reduce at end for metallic effects.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"The base glass for Amazon Night is a translucent dark green and it is fully packed with silver and other metals.

I love to encase this color with clear on a piece that will be worked for a couple hours. Reheating the area of Amazon Night in different ways (ex: sharp intense spot heat, or all over) will change the results of the silver trying to emerge through the clear layer. Bursts, streaks, wisps and smooth gradients will appear in all colors of blues, greens, purples, and golden yellow.

When working Amazon Night without encasement, make sure not to overwork in a reducing atmosphere or in an over oxidizing flame to avoid phase separation or scum. Work in as close to a neutral atmosphere as possible until just before putting the piece away, then increase propane in flame and pass piece through flame and watch a chrome like rainbow iridescence build up with different levels of exposure." - Mike Shelbo

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